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Her Universe Founder Ashley Eckstein Talks Body Diversity, Partnering with Disney, and How Ravioli Helped Her Write a Book

You might know Ashley Eckstein as the voice of Ahsoka on Star Wars: The Clone Wars, but these days, she lends her voice to the company she founded: Her Universe, designers of quality apparel for geeky women. Last year, then-TMS editors Carolyn Cox and Sam Riedel tested Her Universe's first line of activewear; this year, we sent Sam to New York Comic-Con to talk with Ashley about her forthcoming memoir, It's Your Universe, and what's next on her radar.

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Laci Green Does a Really Good TERF Impression

It came as something of a shock to find out that Laci Green knew me—or rather, she’d seen my work and decided to broadcast it to her followers in the worst possible way.

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7 Day-Saving Female Superheroes From Independent Comics

These radical ladies are getting it done.

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Steven Universe Is the Perfect Cartoon for Adults

Rebecca Sugar’s gay sci-fi masterpiece has achieved what some thought was impossible: a show kids and their parents can enjoy together in harmony.

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5 Times Sailor Moon Taught Me the Difference Between Empowerment and Strength

If Usagi has taught us anything, it's this: Being vulnerable is not a flaw.

Sailor Moon's themes of friendship, true love, and compassion ring true through the decades, and with a few exceptions, its characters encouraged and inspired young women in the East and West alike. Sailor Moon also succeeded in presenting alternative versions of “empowerment” that didn’t rely on physical strength; the show reminded viewers that all people have weaknesses, and instead of shaming ourselves and others for this “flaw,” we should celebrate it and support one another.

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The Mary Sue at NYCC: Marc Russell and Ben Caldwell Talk Prez

Prez is an updated version of Joe Simon and Jerry Grandenetti's bizarre (and racist) DC book from the 70s. It's equal parts absurdist humor and scathing satire, and it's one of DC's best series that nobody's reading. And at this year's New York Comic Con, we got a chance to talk to writer Mark Russell and artist Ben Caldwell.

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Just a Phase: Why Barbara Kean is Gotham’s Most Problematic Character

There's a lot to unpack about FOX's Gotham, and most of it ain't good. Leaving aside Donal Logue's long-suffering Bullock and Robin Lord Taylor's delightfully sinister Penguin, Gotham is a mess of paint-by-numbers plotlines and unsubtle winks to the Bat-canon. Many of these aspects of the show had some potential, but nearly all were squandered—and none more than the sad tale of Barbara Kean, the latest in a long line of bisexual characters thrown under the bus by network TV.

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