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Several Good Reasons to Save the Galaxy—or at Least Dark Matter

Would you like to save the galaxy but you don’t know how? Well, you can start by saving the canceled show Dark Matter.

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The Hidden Depths of Dimension 404: An Interview With Co-Creator Dez Dolly

Dimension 404 may be a shout-out to The Outer Limits, but it covers new ground with its perfect casting, time travel paradoxes, and gay teenagers fighting video game demons.

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A Dark Horse With Faith: An Open Letter from a Bad Fan

People are still into Faith, Dark Horse. So, why do all of these fans still care about this character 20 years later? And does it matter if the numbers show these fans won’t buy the comic book?

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Writing From the Id: How SyFy’s The Magicians Surpassed the Books by Depicting Realistic Trauma

I don’t think Grossman meant to have Julia be a "woman in a refrigerator" in his books. I think he believed he was killing his darling. But when given a second chance, Grossman and the TV writers armed her with tragic power and made her story better.

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