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The Magicians Recap: Season Finale “Will You Play With Me?”: And the Monster Is …

Having just watched The Magicians' season finale, “Will You Play With Me?” my raw reaction is that the true monster is regression, with a side of rigidity. Slavers are going to slave. Gatekeepers are going to gate-keep, but the biggest disappointment is that the people you love are going to be stupid. They are going to believe their own rationale that they're performing a selfless act for the greater good, when they're really doing something because they are frightened.

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The Magicians Recap: “The Fillorian Candidate” Takes on Traumas Old and New

Things are converging. There’s another monster that needs to be faced at the end of the world in order for magic to come back in. Before facing the ultimate monster, you have to face the old ones with new twists.

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The Magicians Recap: “Twenty-Three” Gives Us a Good Alternate Universe Episode

Star Trek may still think alternate universe characters are most interesting when they're evil and queerer, but The Magicians goes to the next level. Different circumstances have surrounded the characters we love. In timeline twenty-three, the battle of The Beast was set up and therefore played out differently. There are shocking revelations, and yet everything still makes sense.

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Recap: The Magicians’ “The Art of The Deal,” Growing up, and Making Choices

The theme of "The Art of The Deal" is choices, who gets to have them and who doesn’t, or more accurately, how everyone has choices, but not to the same degree—not to the same degree at all, and that's unfair. Sometimes, there’s nothing you can do about this unfairness, other times you can, and what is your responsibility then? Q, Alice, Josh, Penny, Eliot, Margo, Julia, and Fen all answer this question in this episode. Oh, and so does the Fairy Queen.

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Recap: The Magicians’ “All That Josh” and the Toxic “Nice Guy”

This episode led me to really explore my feelings about Josh, or more accurately, his character trope. Everyone loves the Nice Guy, right—the guy who seems unassuming and harmless but is really anything but. (Pop Culture Detective nails everything insidious about Nice Guys.)

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Recap: The Magicians’ “Six Short Stories About Magic”

This is the episode of Syfy's The Magicians that you show all the people who aren’t watching to get them to watch. "Six Short Stories About Magic" reminds you it’s not about winning "The Throne Game" but how the story is told. This is not a well-told story. It’s a phenomenally well-told story.

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The Magicians’ “Poached Eggs” Did Not Disappoint

You don’t have to be a hardcore contemporary fantasy nerd or a nitpicker around world building to watch and enjoy Syfy's The Magicians, but it doesn’t hurt. You could just like ensemble casts and deep character development with tragedy and comedy and magic. Now in its third season and going strong, you know The Magicians is binge-worthy and it won’t leave you hanging—or it will, but in the right ways. Last week's episode, "Poached Eggs," is really the perfect example of this.

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Several Good Reasons to Save the Galaxy—or at Least Dark Matter

Would you like to save the galaxy but you don’t know how? Well, you can start by saving the canceled show Dark Matter.

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The Hidden Depths of Dimension 404: An Interview With Co-Creator Dez Dolly

Dimension 404 may be a shout-out to The Outer Limits, but it covers new ground with its perfect casting, time travel paradoxes, and gay teenagers fighting video game demons.

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A Dark Horse With Faith: An Open Letter from a Bad Fan

People are still into Faith, Dark Horse. So, why do all of these fans still care about this character 20 years later? And does it matter if the numbers show these fans won’t buy the comic book?

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When “Freaks” Become Stars: How Stranger Things Subverts Tropes to Defend Disabled Outcasts

If you lived in the suburbs in the 80s you could be anything you wanted. You just had to work hard and fit in, be a “regular kid.” It didn’t matter that my parents were divorced, a rarity for kids in my town. It didn’t matter that I was a bigger rarity. I was “handicapped” with Cerebral Palsy. I would have five surgeries before fifteen. Not surprisingly, what I really wanted was the magical escape childhood movies promised.

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Writing From the Id: How SyFy’s The Magicians Surpassed the Books by Depicting Realistic Trauma

I don’t think Grossman meant to have Julia be a "woman in a refrigerator" in his books. I think he believed he was killing his darling. But when given a second chance, Grossman and the TV writers armed her with tragic power and made her story better.

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