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“Your Fave Is Problematic”—Callout Culture, Cyberbullying and Toxic Activism in Fandom

There’s a different kind of callout culture within fan communities that claims to come from a place of good, but is a toxic kind of activism enforced by a small but vocal minority.

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From Boyband to Beyond: Why Do Conversations About Pop Music Still Bash the Fangirl?

Persistent stereotyping of the boyband fan is just one example of the way pop culture conversations often give more credence to ‘boys stuff’ over ‘girls stuff’ in a way which feels tired, misogynistic and reinforces gender binaries.

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How Queerbaiting Discussions Show Heteronormativity Is Alive and Well

The way queerbaiting is discussed and dismissed demonstrates, perhaps as much as queerbaiting itself, how far we still have to go in terms of normalising the diversity and complexities of queer desire in mainstream television.

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