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Why Television Is Even More Important to Me After the Election

The comfort and self-care that has come out of watching these shows has done more for my healing than anything else.

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Why Comics Publishers Need to Embrace the Power of Fandom

Despite the move towards better inclusivity, we’re still encountering parts of nerd culture which resist the impact fandom has. And that’s doing quite a disservice to the comics medium as a whole.

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An Open Letter to the Cis White Men Who Run Comics

It's time we had a talk.

Ever since I gingerly picked up the first issue of Ms Marvel in a crowded bookshop, I knew I was in love. Comics were an escape from a world that routinely tells me that I’m less than, that I’m not as valuable, that I’m not powerful in my own way. But here’s the rub: for me to accept my love for superhero comics meant suppressing my desire to see myself reflected on it.

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Finding Our Voices Through the Mic: The Importance of Podcasters of Color

Over the last five years, podcasting has slowly taken over the digital space. The medium has quickly become a fan favorite, merging storytelling, current events, and impromptu connectivity that content creators could only get before with video. Podcasts, in falling somewhere between old and new content creation, are changing the way that users can reshape media for themselves.

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Imperfection & Inequity: Let’s Talk Race in Jessica Jones

Quite frankly, Jessica Jones leaves much to be desired when it comes to tackling issues of race, even when it excels in tackling sexism and digital-age abuse.

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On Zodiac Starforce, Magical Girls, and Queerness

As Zodiac Starforce continues to show us, the magical girl genre is one that celebrates that heroines can be powerful, capable, and queer.

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