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Beetlejuice: 10 Little-Known Facts About the Tim Burton Classic

For those dying to learn more about how the film came to be, here are ten little known facts about how Burton created his one-of-a-kind afterlife.

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Deadpool and the Unbearable Lightness of Homoerotic Subtext

I have a problem with homoerotic subtext. It’s not that I totally hate it or anything. I just... have a teeny, tiny beef with it.

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How Sense8 Quietly Became the Best LGBTQIA Representation on TV

"Four people just had sex, but maybe they didn’t, and now I don’t know how I feel."

While enticing, Netflix’s promotions for Sense8 didn’t get me watching. Nor did the flood of gifs from Twitter and Tumblr: fireworks shows, grenade launchers, Sayid from Lost, and another guy who had apparently lost his flip flop and needed Hernando to help him find it. It was that one text post, and the many posts that would follow it.

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Jane the Virgin, Romantic Triangles, and Giving Female Characters the Agency They Deserve

My love affair with TV has been a decade long and from the beginning, I've been bombarded with the idea that the love of a man (especially romantic love), is an important part of any woman’s life.

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