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Jetpack-Equipped Man Flies Over the Grand Canyon [Video]


This past weekend, Swiss daredevil Yves Rossy strapped a jet-propelled Kevlar wing onto his back, jumped from a helicopter 8,000 feet above the Grand Canyon, and proceeded to fly for eight minutes using a steering mechanism controlled solely by the motions of his body. Thereafter, he parachuted safely to the Canyon floor.

Rossy’s flight was originally scheduled for Friday, but was delayed due to the FAA approval process: While he received approval “moments” before the flight was scheduled to take place, this gave him insufficient time to practice, which is generally something one wants to do before strapping four jet engines onto their back and flying over the Grand Canyon. Rossy: “My first flight in the US is sure to be one of the most memorable experiences in my life, not only for the sheer beauty of the Grand Canyon but the honour to fly in sacred Native American lands.”

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(info via SwissInfo)

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