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Republicans Keep Accidentally Making Their Democratic Opponents Sound Extremely Badass

John Fetterman spreads his arms wide and grins standing in front of a crowd of supporters

We’re about six weeks out from this year’s midterm elections and some of the best endorsements of Democratic candidates are coming not from fellow Dems or even their own comms teams, but from their Republican opponents.

Take, for example, this tweet from Georgia Governor Brian Kemp, who seems to have wanted to paint his opponent Stacey Abrams as an “out of this world” radical but just made her look super badass:

Here’s a tip: If you’re goal is not to make someone look really cool, maybe don’t use a photo from their recent Star Trek cameo—especially not when that cameo had them playing the President of Earth. Reminding voters that your opponent is a cool sci-fi loving celebrity who’s also entirely believable in an extreme position of authority? Great move, Brian!

And then there’s Dr. Oz, who recently took issue with his Pennsylvania Senate opponent John Fetterman and his penchant for wearing hoodies over more formal attire. Oz tried to explain why he thought Fetterman dressed the way he did and just ended up making him sound incredibly cool.

“When he dresses like that, it’s not an accident,” Oz said on the right-wing Ruthless podcast. “He’s kicking authority in the balls. He’s saying, ‘I’m the man. I’ll show those guys who’s boss.’”

Naturally, Fetterman is already capitalizing on the cool new slogan:

Here’s hoping Republicans keep trying to describe their Democratic opponents over the next six weeks. It’s working out very well for us.

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