Google Maps Adds Weather

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Yesterday, Google added a weather layer into Google Maps, otherwise known as Google’s “Where do I go for lunch on my lunch break?” service. The weather layer is a little minimal in its current form when checking out a region rather than an individual city, displaying current temperatures and conditions around the globe, and it seems to only display when zoomed out enough.

To activate the weather layer, hover over the widget in the top right corner of a map and select the weather layer from the list that appears. The displayed weather conditions come from and are denoted with different icons — a cloud for cloudy, a raincloud for rainy, and so on. Users can click on the weather icon for an individual city to open a more detailed set of information, such as humidity and wind levels, along with a forecast for the following four days. Read on below to see Google’s introduction video. There’s a weather girl and an umbrella.

(via The Official Google Blog)

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