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Google+ Cheat Sheets Help You Learn the Ropes, Won't Help You Get 30 Extra Lives

Since we’re all so used to the Facebook way of social networking, finding your way around Google+ and getting a good feel for what you’re actually doing can be a little tough. If you feel like you need a little extra assistance, or at least a way to check your answers, we’ve got some Google+ cheat sheets for you. Simon Laustsen, a dude from Denmark, took the time to write up these charts as a service to humanity and I, on behalf of humanity, thank him.

These cheat sheets will definitely help you find your way around Google+ land, but they also seem to indicate at best, how complex Google+ is, and at worst, how un-user-friendly it is right now. Either way, if you hadn’t spent the last 5 years with a Facebook IV drip, that interface would probably be a little baffling too. Check out another Laustsen cheat sheet and a handy flowchart from a fellow with the amazing name of Lee Swagerty, below.

(via How-To Geek, flowchart via AnsonAlex)

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