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Someone Made Google’s April Fools’ Joke, Gmail Motion, Using Kinect [Video]

One of Google’s April Fools’ Day jokes this year was Gmail Motion, a revolutionary new way to control Gmail with one’s body via motion controls, quite possibly a jab at the video game industry’s recent obsession. It’s probably no surprise that someone made Gmail Motion a reality–using Microsoft Kinect, of course–and included all of the ridiculous gestures shown in Google’s April Fools’ Day video, including opening an email, replying, sending an email by mimicking licking a stamp, and using gestures to create sentences. Called SLOOW, short for Software Library Optimizing Obligatory Waving, the ICT MxR Lab over at USC created SLOOW in response to Google’s Gmail Motion because, “for whatever reason, their application didn’t seem to work.” Touché, ICT MxR Lab.

(@USC_ICT via Engadget)

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