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Sooooo Gmail Is Down, Huh [Updating]

We're gonna get through this, you guys.



Don’t anybody freak out, but as of about 30 minutes ago, Gmail is down due to a “likely service disruption.” We’re not sure why, but Twitter is very upset about it right now, and when Twitter is upset, Twitter likes to make jokes.

Here’s what downrightnow currently says when you look up Gmail:


Again, nobody really knows what the problem is yet (and for some people it’s already back, so don’t panic, you’ll probably gets yours back soon too), but we’ll keep you posted.

Until we have more for you, here are some funny tweets a bunch of people made about it.

We might be totally against the idea of Upworthy-style clickbait, but you can’t deny that making fun of it will never get old.

That would be a pretty sick burn if anybody actually used Yahoo mail.

Update [2:51 pm]: In a perverse twist of irony, the Google Reliability Engineers have an AMA scheduled to begin in about ten minutes. You can imagine the general subject matter of the questions that have been piling up.

The Verge is also reporting that Hangouts, Google+ Google Play Music, and other Google services were also down, but most of the major ones appear to be back up now. Gmail is sending and receiving messages  and Hangouts are back online, at least. Google+ is still having problems, but probably no one cares.

(via Twitter, image via Google Gravity)

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