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Random Celebrities Sing “Let It Be” in Bizarre Norwegian TV Promo

Norwegian entertainment series Glyne Tider rounded up a baffling number of random 80s celebrities, including Pamela Anderson, Dolph Lundgren, and Ricki Lake, to sing The Beatles’ “Let It Be” for a very, very long time on a fake beach; the result is bizarre and slightly awesome.

Bonus: They also did a random celebrity-packed rendition of “We Are the World”: (below)

Update: The show may have gotten these celebrities to participate by tricking them:

It seems that, at least in David Faustino (of “Married with Children” fame)’s case, the people at Glyne Tider approached him on the red carpet and pitched the video project as something that was for a good cause, assumedly for charity.

If that’s the case, then it would definitely explain why the video has been so hard to come by (and also how these people managed to get so many people to do an ad for their TV show), and it also means that the people over at Glyne Tider will probably have a lawsuit or two coming their way in the next few days.

(via Bill Simmons)

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