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Did Facebook Muzzle a Poodle’s Campaign to Get More Fans than Glenn Beck?

Onion rings uniting against Justin Bieber or pickled Nickelback opponents are allowed to roam free on Facebook, but a poodle in a tinfoil hat campaigning to acquire more fans than Glenn Beck crosses a line of decency.

This the latest verdict from the social networking company, who slapped the fan page “Can This Poodle Wearing a Tinfoil Hat Get More Fans than Glenn Beck?” with a “publish block” that prevents them from recruiting new members or advertising the page on Facebook:

The page’s founder, Dale Blank, has called First Amendment shenanigans on the company for “muzzling” Bob the Wonder Poodle, but warned against vast right-wing conspiracy theories. But given the puzzling explanation from Facebook, should Blank be rethinking his instinct that the silence of the poodle is an inside job?

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