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The Walking Dead‘s New Showrunner Assures Us That He Will Handle The Walking Dead Just Fine

Good News Everyone!

“There’s been all this concern that I’m going to f*ck up this show, and really, we’re just trying to get it done.”Glen Mazzara, the news showrunner of AMC‘s The Walking Dead, to TV Guide, talking about how well he’s handling the duties of running the critically-acclaimed show. He went on to say that breaking the news of the transition to the cast was “rough”: “There’s an emotional connection to Frank [Darabont] that they’re never going to have to another writer/producer.” However, Mazzara says that Darabont gave him his blessing when he left, so despite the pressure of living up to someone like Frank Darabont, there was a lot of faith involved here.

No pressure, Glen Mazzara! We’re pretty sure you’ll do a swell job!

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