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Watch Giant Bubbles Instantly Freeze In These Insanely Cold Temperatures

They become ghost bubbles alarmingly fast; call us morbid bubble-haters, but it's awesome.

The Poehler Vortex has been tearing up North America, making it too cold to do anything but stay inside and beg forgiveness from the gods of Global Warming for ever doubting them. Some intrepid folks have bravely ventured into the tundra for science, though; and we’re glad, because it’s given us this video of giant bubbles instantly freezing.

Here we see YouTube science guru NightHawkInLight¬†use one of those giant bubble-makers to see what would happen in -4 Farenheit/-20 Celcius weather. The bubbles almost instantly turn into a solid, plastic-like film, which looks a lot like ghosts or ecoplasm or something equally eerie. Try it yourself – at least this experiment can’t burn your face off!

(via Break, image via YouTube)

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