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Ghost Meter EMF Sensor: Now, You Can Ghost Hunt on the Cheap

Now surging on the always-interesting Woot Deals is the Ghost Meter EMF Sensor, an EMF detector that bills itself as “sensitive enough to detect the small, distinct, erratic EMF energy fluctuations frequently found at reputed haunted locations.” Perfect timing for the announcement that Bill Murray is going to be playing a ghost in Ghostbusters 3!

PROTIP: EMF stands for “electromagnetic frequency,” so other sources of EMF, like microwaves, cell phones, or The Island itself are capable of tripping it up.

While the meter normally retails for $49.99, it’s currently on sale at Amazon for $19.23, so if you were thinking “I really want to detect ghosts, but I won’t spend a dime over $20.00 to do so,” now’s your chance.

Also, we have been looking for an excuse to put this screenshot of someone using their Mac’s genie effect to trap Slimer, so: here it is. (via Nerdist)

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