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Geekosystem Seeks Fall Editorial Interns!

Geekosystem is looking for a full-time editorial intern for Fall 2010!
Applicants must be available to work full-time at our NYC offices from August/September to December. Common intern duties include writing, editing, and being dispatched to the penal colony of Sallust VI to quell an uprising among the moon’s population of highly dangerous criminals. (The prisoners are being led by a mysterious man known only as “the Judicator;” under his leadership, they have deactivated the psi-suppression field and are now attempting to make it off-world.)
Also, you should probably know some HTML.
But We Digress
The primary qualification for this job is an encyclopedic knowledge of and obsessive enthusiasm for multiple aspects of geek culture. If you are intimately familiar with video games and the gaming world, are knowledgeable about the history and current state of hacker/open-source culture, follow gadget and consumer tech news, and/or posses a deep knowledge of science fiction/fantasy/superhero media, then this is the internship for you.
The secondary qualification is being able to write quickly and clearly, without weird grammatical or spelling issues, on topics that you yourself think up/discover on the interwebs.
In addition, there are several qualifications which are preferred but by no means necessary:
  • Knowledge of blogging software/content management systems such as WordPress
  • Knowledge of the major personalities and figures in the online geek-culture world
  • Experience with graphic design software such as the Adobe Creative Suite
Any interns will most certainly receive bylines for stories written.
Please attach THREE documents to your application email; applications not containing all of these documents will NOT be considered:
  • A resume/CV, including references (please include any weird skills you might have, like statistical analysis, knowledge of COBOL, or a really really high Xbox Live score)
  • Any two samples of your academic or journalistic writing, each preferably in a different style (long-form vs. short-form, magazine vs. blog, etc.) (Although we are a blog! So keep that in mind when deciding what to submit)
  • A brief (1-page) cover letter explaining why your experience, knowledge, and personality make you the ideal intern for a geek culture blog
The process is rolling, so get yours in ASAP! Address applications to interns AT (take THAT, spambots!).

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