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Geekolinks 3/8


  1. Please enjoy these 10 excellent internet riffs from True Detective (Mental Floss)
  2. In case of apocalypse, learn how to build a grill using a coffee can (The Jane Dough)
  3. No other way to say this: here is a butt plug shaped like Vladimir Putin (HuffPo Weird)
  4. So here’s Wonder Woman as a peanut, in case you needed to see that (The Mary Sue)
  5. Which of your daily habits are the most dangerous? (Styleite)
  6. It might be peeing in the pool, actually – not that you would ever do that (Neatorama)
  7. I dreamed a dream that Sesame Street did a Les Mis parody (The Mary Sue)

(Title pic via MemeWhore on Tumblr)

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