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Harsh Samsung Galaxy S II Commercial Spends Entirety of Ad Insulting Apple Consumers

Currently, the Samsung Galaxy S II is seen as the iPhone’s biggest competitor. So, instead of getting the edge over their rivals by showing everyone whatever unique features the Galaxy S II sports, Samsung decided to insult Apple consumers — not even Apple the company, but the people who buy their products — for the length of a commercial.

The ad not only makes fun of Apple consumers, but (probably unintentionally) mocks people who wait in line for product launches, and even insults baristas simply because of their job. The ad doesn’t really focus on the actual phone, with the only features mentioned being the big screen and the 4G capability.

The ad would make more sense if Samsung targeted Apple directly, or their products, but by insulting Apple consumers, Samsung is insulting the people that they are asking to buy Samsung products. “You are stupid. Please give us money?” A bit of snark and some healthy corporate rivalry are always good things, but insulting the people you are targeting is a pretty weird move.

(via Mac Rumors)

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