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FYI: That Girl Who Said Japan Deserved the Earthquake Because of Atheists? Yeah, She Was Trollin’

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Maybe you missed Tamtampamela this weekend. Maybe you didn’t watch the vid. Maybe your Facebook wall didn’t heysplode with people posting her video accompanied by various shocked disapprovals. So I’ll explain. A copy of her original video can be found here, since the original has been taken down. In it she expresses amazement and thanks that a only a single day of Christian prayer at the beginning of Lent, in which she and her fellow worshippers asked god to open the eyes of atheists everywhere to the Christian gospel, resulted in the 9.0 quake that hit Japan this weekend. The video is more than three minutes long, but continues in that vein the whole way through: thanking god for causing a still unknown total of human deaths in an effort to change the minds of supposed sinners.

Here’s the… good?… news. Tamtampamela was trolling.

There are posts by the same username on the Landover Baptist forums, an infamous fake Christian forum, and Laugh Alone TV has admitted that they were in the process of offering her a partnership (where they would own the rights to her “viral video” and help her monetize it) and that she was definitely not sincere in her vid. And the final confirmation of Tamtampamela’s intention comes in the above video where she admits and confirms that she made the video just to agitate.

Deep breath everybody. There is one less crazy religious person out there than you thought. Problem is, instead they’re a crazy troll who tried to make a joke out of a terrible and still ongoing tragedy. We’re calling it a wash.

(via Kotaku and The Daily What.)

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