Did Frank Miller Just Join Twitter?

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Legendary graphic novelist Frank Miller — you may know him as the guy behind The Dark Knight Returns, Sin City, and 300, appears to have recently joined Twitter with the username FrankMillerInk.

The account has yet to be verified, so it may just be a hat-clad impostor, but MTV’s Splash Page reports that ““The Spirit” movie producer F.J. DeSanto and “Fanboys” director Kyle Newman have lightly verified the account with their own tweets.”

A few more points of evidence in favor of this being the real Miller:

  • FrankMillerInk hasn’t yet blasted out a stream of obscenities or parodied Frank Miller’s work. See the self-identified “fake Frank Miller“‘s Twitter: “FAKE FRANK ONCE MADE A GAME WHERE HE FOUGHT KING HIPPO. HIPPO WENT DOWN IN FIFTH. KILLING A MAN IN RING CHANGES YOU, LIKE YOUR FIRST HOBO.” This Frank Miller has mostly been replying to the well-wishes of some of the 234 people who’ve started following him since yesterday.
  • The profile photo that he used doesn’t appear in a TinEye Reverse Image Search, meaning that a faker didn’t just pull it off of the front page of Google Images.
  • Miller is more new media-savvy than many of his demographic peers; he was at one point a regular commenter on military historian and conservative intellectual Victor David Hanson‘s Pajamas Media blog.
  • He responded to a #thisaccountneedstobeverifiedpronto hashtag with the Tweet, “that takes time, but will be verified.”
  • That black yet subtly dotted background? The bio saying “I’m a cartoonist”? Sooo Frank Miller.

No guarantees, but we’re hoping against hope it’s for real.

(h/t Splash Page)

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