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Twilight Vampire Tops Out The Forbes Fictional 15

Nowhere have the sparkly claws of Twilight failed to secure their grasp, for this week Forbes published their yearly Fictional 15, a compilation of the fifteen richest fictional people in current pop culture.  Carlisle Cullen, the nearly 400-year-old patriarch of the Cullen family is the richest fictional person in the world with a net worth of $34.1 billion.

Other noted newcomers this year include Sir Topham Hatt (noted aquaintance of Thomas the Tank Engine), and Lucile Bluth of Arrested Development.  (Mrs. Bluth is not the first woman to grace the list, having been beaten out by Lara Croft, Mom (from Futurama), and Princess Peach.

Noted absences from this year’s list include Lucius Malfoy, Oliver Warbucks, Willy Wonka, and Santa Claus, who Forbes removed from their list after a great number of people reminded them that he is actually real.  Also: Lex Luthor, who has not made the Fictional 15 since 2005,

We’re sure that this has nothing to do with his actions as president of the United States, when he made a deal with Darkseid for a kryptonite powered supersuit, tried to blame the kryptonite asteroid headed for earth on Superman, started shooting up a mixture of liquid kryptonite and the experimental steriod Venom, and eventually went completely, certifiably insane, leading the caretaker of his companies, Talia Head (daughter of Ra’s al Ghul), to turn over all of his holdings to Bruce Wayne.

Mr. Wayne comes in at #7 this year, inbetween Adrian “Ozymandias” Veidt and the Tooth Fairy.

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