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Watch Game 4 of the FIDE World Championship of Chess Anand vs. Carlsen

What happens if every game is a draw? Does that make us the new champs?

We’re three games into the 2013 FIDE World Championship of Chess, and haven’t seen a win yet. All the matches have come to a draw as World Champion Viswanathan Anand and top-ranked player Magnus Carlsen seemingly size each other up. Will Game 4 end any differently? Find out by watching the action live right here!

Live chess broadcast powered by ChessBomb and Chessdom

Commentators GM Susan Polgar and GM Ramesh R.B. will begin their coverage ten minutes before the match, and will alternate with IM Tania Sachdev, IM Lawrence Trent every hour during the match. The team covering the match as made an effort this year to focus their commentary on a more general audience, so you won’t need to be a master to be able to follow along.

They will also be taking questions through Twitter with the hashtag #FWCM2013. During Game 3 we got a question in about whether or not players can doodle on the scoresheets they use to write their moves. Polgar and R.B. weren’t sure on the official ruling at the time, but we got a number of replies through Twitter saying doodling is against the rules.

Surprisingly not against the rules, players are allowed to have cups of tea brought to them at the table, as World Champ Vishy Anand demonstrated multiple times during Game 3 to the unexplainable delight of our Senior Editor Glen Tickle, who has been waking up crazy early to watch the games and make silly comments on Twitter.

If you’re eager for some chess right now, you can check out the video and interactive boards from Games 1 & 2 and Game 3.

(via AICF Official on YouTube)

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