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4Channers Attempt to Scam Feminists With “FemCon2015,” Fail Miserably


Yesterday we received several emails from concerned readers asking us to sound the alarm about “FemCon,” a nonexistent “Feminist Convention” devised by some 4Channers to swindle the women of the Internet out of their money and expose feminism for the misandrist sham that it is (or something).

Fortunately, unlike the organizers’ insipid fake Twitter accounts, Internet feminists weren’t born yesterday:

After screenshots of 4chan’s /b/ message board and a related chat room began circulating, FemCon’s day-old Twitter account and Sellfy Crowdfunding page were quickly deleted, but not before the organizers’ ineptitude (and basic misunderstanding of feminism) was captured for posterity:

The FemCon2015 Tumblr (complete with a #DownWithMales tag and the Con’s harrasment policy) still remains, as does the Internet’s undying scorn:

(via Daily Dot, image via @QueenIdle on Twitter)

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