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Here Are Some of Our Favorite MCU Soundtracks to Set the Avengers: Endgame Mood

And what are your favorites?


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Given that I’m trying to keep a lid on all Avengers-themed spoilers until Saturday at the earliest, I cannot give you my thoughts on Avengers: Endgame. However, in the meantime, I will continue to yell about the previous 21 films, because who among us isn’t reliving some Marvel-themed nostalgia as we get closer and closer to the movie’s widespread release?

One of my favorite parts and biggest critiques of the Marvel Cinematic Universe are the soundtracks. Some are soaring and brilliant, and others are forgettable background noise. There are some major recurring motifs, but other characters lose their signature tune outside of their solo films. As a complete soundtrack nerd, I’ve drawn up a list of some of my favorites, and why they’re my favorites.

Before I dive in, shout out to the Iron Man and Guardians of the Galaxy movies for having stellar music use. While their respective scores aren’t my favorites, they have an excellent song line-up that really brings the characters to life and keep our feet tapping in the theater. Honestly, the music is my favorite part of Guardians, it’s just so well done.

Also, “Star Spangled Man” from Captain America: The First Avenger is a forever favorite. Thank you, Alan Menken.

Black Panther has the best score of any Marvel movie, and it has the Oscar to prove it. Ludwig Göransson did an outstanding job collaborating with Senegalese musician Baaba Maal to craft a score that fits the world of Wakanda beautifully. It’s fresh and unlike anything we’ve heard in a superhero movie, and it deserves every accolade it won during awards season. Hopefully, Göransson will be returning for Black Panther 2, as he brings the musical world of Wakanda to beautiful life.

Thor and Thor: Ragnarok both make the list for vastly different reason. Thor is triumphant, with bombastic music and an excellent main motif for the God of Thunder. Ragnarok is unique and fits the zany, humorous tone of the film. The best part is when Thor’s original theme from his first coronation scene in Thor is played over the final scene of Ragnarok. It ties the trilogy together beautifully, blending what we know with Thor’s new future and growth. Props to both Patrick Doyle and Mark Mothersbaugh.

Henry Jackman brought the tension and action of Captain America: The Winter Soldier to life with his score for the second Captain America film. While there are some musical callbacks to Steve’s first outing, it also fits the spy thriller energy the second film has. The Winter Soldier’s actual theme is also excellent: jarring and electronic and perfectly suited to Tumblr’s favorite sad assassin.

Alan Silvestri didn’t necessarily wow me with Captain America: The First Avenger, but he did make me fall in love with both the scores for The Avengers and Avengers: Infinity War. I loved how most of the heroes got a main motif in his first Avengers soundtrack, and especially loved Natasha’s solo theme. The main theme for the team and the film is also a favorite of mine, as it instantly brings me back to the first time I saw the film.

Similarly, Infinity War‘s Thanos motif and use of both the familiar Avengers theme and the somber tones of the more tragic film fit perfectly. Even if the best sound cue in the film is the silence as half the cast crumbles to dust, nothing drives home the characters’ loss more than the usually triumphant main theme being played sadly on a piano. It hurts, in the best of ways.

Which is your favorite Marvel score? Will Endgame join the films listed here?

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