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Facebook Distributes Computer Accessories to Employees Via Vending Machine

In addition to being (current) king of the social networking world, Facebook is also known for keeping its offices efficient and well-oiled, but also trendy and hip. You saw The Social Network, right? Well now, in addition to bean-bag chairs and a chef they are introducing vending machines that dispense computer accessories. Now hold on a minute, it’s for inventory efficiency, not just for show, but its still pretty cool.

While Facebook has never been so old-fashioned as to require requisition forms, they did previously have a inventory station where employees were supposed to sign in at kiosk before taking accessories. Operative word ‘supposed.’ Apparently less than 5% did, leaving records somewhere between “practically non-existent” and “actually non-existent.” After enduring this problem for a while, someone spotted an iPod vending machine at an airport and decided to suggest it to the IT department. Now Facebook has keyboard/cable/accessory vending machines spread throughout their offices and all an employee needs to do is swipe their name badge. They aren’t charged for the device, but now inventory is 100% traceable and your boss might find out if you go through three keyboards a day. Will these things be coming to an office near you? Well, first fill out this requisition form…

(via Fortune Tech)

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