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Post to Your Facebook From Hogwarts or a Dr. Pepper

If you’ve ever had the desire to post to Facebook from a device that doesn’t actually have Facebook support, fear not, a solution is upon us. Redditor leftoverusername has shared a way to mess with your Facebook URL that allows you to spoof the API. In short, you can tell Facebook that you are posting from a typerwriter, Hogwarts, cheese, or even a sperm whale, regardless of whether or not you actually are. Kudos if you actually hacked your sperm whale to post to Facebook.

It probably won’t be long until this fun little trick gets popular enough to be noticed and subsequently blocked, but until then, post witty, pop culture statuses that will amaze your friends and strike fear in the hearts of your enemies. Explain the trick at the risk of ending the fun that much faster. That being said, check out in-depth, step-by-step instructions below.

How to post from almost anything:

Use this link template to write on a friends wall, replace the “123456789” for target_id with your friends id number, and replace the “123456789” for api_key with a number from the list below

Use think link template to post your own status, simply change the “123456789” wth a number from the list below:


Skynet (249284985083592) Post status

iPhone (6628568379) Post status

Blackberry (2254487659) Post status

Palm (7081486362) Post status

Sidekick (21810043296) Post status

Sony Ericsson (38125372145) Post status

Xbox LIVE (5747726667) Post status

iPad (112930718741625) Post status

Foursquare (86734274142) Post status

Telegram (140881489259157) Post status

Carrier Pigeon (130263630347328) Post status

Morse Code (134929696530963) Post status

Message in a Bottle (123903037653697) Post status

Commodore 64 (138114659547999) Post status

Your moms computer (132386310127809) Post status

TRS-80 (134998549862981) Post status

K.I.T.T. (129904140378622) Post status

Mind Computer Interface (121111184600360) Post status

eyePhone (110455835670222) Post status

toaster (203192803063920) Post status

microwave (0a5266c8844a1b09211e7eb38242ac2f) Post status

Super Nintendo Entertainment System (235703126457431) Post status

Gameboy Color (180700501993189) Post status

GoD (256591344357588) Post status

Glade Air Freshner (4aeb4db2e8df1cdb7f952b2269afb560) Post status

Strawberry (a4c9fb1708a848c2241674531176209b) Post status

The moon (221826277855257) Post status

Dr. Pepper (eea90d40e1d12565695dbbbdbd5e965b) Post status

Nintendo wii (243870508973644) Post status

Alcohol (250335888312118) Post status

Cheese (218791271497130) Post status

iPod Nano (142039005875499) Post status

Nintendo 64 (236264753062118) Post status

Microsoft Excel (242740155751069) Post status

Linux Ubuntu (220593361311050) Post status

iPhone 5g (211333348912523) Post status

My Bedroom (174811032586879) Post status

Your Mums Bedroom (5f64bbc9ac2f12b983200925da461322) Post status

Lamp (230755826955133) Post status

Your moms anus (b625297b655f0b46c86b68f754b82121) Post status

Refrigerator (250828364944350) Post status

A potato (127926427295267) Post status

Nasa Satellite (31d608d30292175bf7703149699ccb39) Post status

Vibrator (eb4c6d1a60e19a7795da501e1f468035) Post status

Sperm Whale (170318539700306) Post status

Pogo Stick (185103391549701) Post status

Banana Phone (1477a4cd29ec724a3de19be5d26e0389) Post status

Google+ (4d8243dbb7064f88351fe6c809582320) Post status

The Future (108372819220732) Post status

Smoke Signal (134138923334682) Post status

tin cans connected by string (242191299125647) Post status

Pokedex (de3da265cf6976745bb1d60a8c198151) Post status

Telepathy (ea01a57edb26cf1de143f09d45cfa913) Post status

Typewriter (d3d554bf60297cb2c384e3d7cf5a066d) Post status

Harry Potter (b8ebeb983f45eaa0bd5f4f66cad97654) Post status

TARDIS (200439256674396) Post status

Pip Boy (142806259133078) Post status

Mind Control (1dc633368924b3b0b4d08e3f83230760) Post status

Jedi Mind Control (240597869302110) Post status

Telekinesis (224139600960217) Post status

Post-It Note (115227201900831) Post status

GLaDOS (246126362083515) Post status

Ansible (185474028180003) Post status

W.O.P.R (228373497202865) Post status

Airwolf (123944137696757) Post status

HMCS Belafonte (222345601140304) Post status

Hogwarts (2dc1d3004dbc4a67c4b552be3c25ccb0) Post status

Be sure to keep an eye on that Reddit thread where I’m sure a few new API keys will show up.

And also, this website will automate the process for you and presumably has an updated list of possible sources. Enjoy.

(via Reddit)

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