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The Evil Dead Still Shows Signs of Life

Cautiously Optimistic

’80s Indie horror series The Evil Dead is apparently getting a third sequel, nearly twenty years after the last film in the series was released. According to Dread Central, Sam Raimi‘s editor, Bob Murawski, has already packed up and headed to Detroit to work on the fourth movie in the franchise.

According to the source, the film will be a small indie, like the first two in the series were. There have been rumors circulating about a fourth film for the franchise for years, but they’ve been mostly unsubstantiated until now.

Of course, one very good explanation of why Murawski would have shlepped out to Detroit is because Raimi will soon be filming Oz: The Great and Powerful in the Detroit area, indeed, calls for extras have already gone out. On the other hand, Bruce Campbell joined Twitter not long ago and used it to confirm the news to a fan on the site: “Believe in the remake, dawg! The project is real. In the works. Cool as hell. Scary as hell,” lending credence to the idea that Raimi may slide right into filming it once he’s done with Oz.

The series, which promises plenty of zombies and badassery and gore, last released a film (Army of Darkness) in 1992. So what do you all think of the prospect of a new Evil Dead movie? Will it be the same twenty years later?

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