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Every God in ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ Explained

I'm a believer.

Russell Crowe as Zeus in Thor 4, with a young woman on each side of him.

Spoilers for Thor: Love and Thunder ahead!

The trailer for Thor: Love and Thunder promised us lots of gods, and the movie delivered! There might be more gods crammed into the 119 minutes of Thor 4 than there have been in the entire MCU so far, including literally dozens of blink-and-you-miss-it shots of gods from across the universe. So who are all these gods? Here’s every god we spotted who makes an appearance in Love and Thunder!

Thor: Love and Thunder, the fourth solo outing for Marvel’s God of Thunder, finds Thor on a quest to find out who he truly is after losing his family and abdicating the throne of Asgard. When Gorr the God Butcher, aided by the alien symbiote All-Black the Necrosword, vows to kill all gods in the universe, Thor has to find a way to stop him. Teaming up with his best friend Korg, King Valkyrie, and Jane Foster, who now wields Mjolnir as the Mighty Thor, Thor travels across the universe to stop Gorr—and meets a ton of gods along the way.

The Asgardians

Obviously the Asgardians dominate Thor: Love and Thunder, the movie being about Thor and all. What’s pleasantly surprising, though, is the number of cameos by characters from previous Thor movies. Taika Waititi rounded up some fan favorites, not all of them even alive, to drop in.

We revisit the deaths of Odin, Loki, and the Warriors 3 during Korg’s opening narration, but we don’t see any new footage of them, so those characters don’t actually make an appearance in the movie. Here’s who does, though!

Thor, traveling with the Guardians of the Galaxy on his quest to find out who he truly is, returns to New Asgard when he finds out that Gorr has his sights set on the Asgardians. Seeing Jane dressed up as him and wielding his old hammer is quite an adjustment.

We see a brief scene featuring Frigga in her youth, running into battle with baby Thor strapped to her chest in an Asgardian Babybjörn. Frigga apparently kicked some ass as a young mother!

Lady Sif makes her return to the MCU, when she attempts to fight Gorr but ends up injured. Thor gets her back to New Asgard, where she recovers and learns to fight one-handed.

King Valkyrie, although not a huge fan of all the bureaucracy that comes with ruling a kingdom, is nevertheless thriving as New Asgard’s monarch. When it’s time to go get the children back, she proves that she can still fight like a valkyrie.

Jane Foster makes her divine debut as The Mighty Thor after she visits New Asgard to see if Mjolnir’s magic can cure her cancer, and ends up transformed into the Goddess of Thunder. Her goddess status is confirmed when she dies, dissipates into golden light like other gods, and arrives in Valhalla.

Axl, Heimdall’s son. Technically, all the Asgardians are gods, but Axl has inherited Heimdall’s freaky eye powers, so I’m putting him on the list. He’s a big Guns N’ Roses fan.

Finally, in one of the movie’s most gratifying cameos, Heimdall himself appears at the gates of Valhalla to welcome Jane to the afterlife.

The Gods of Omnipotence City

When Thor decides to get help from Zeus to defeat Gorr, he travels to a large meeting of the gods of the universe in Omnipotence City. Along with the Greek gods, there are gods from throughout the cosmos in attendance—some from Earth, and some from far-off planets. Most of them are unnamed, but here are the ones we know are in attendance, either from recognizable features or from the credits.

Zeus, the Greek God of Lightning, presides over the gods of the universe. His main priorities seem to be holding orgies and bragging about himself.

Hercules, Zeus’s son, is brought on board to take out Thor and the other Asgardians after Thor impales Zeus and makes off with his lightning bolt.

Bastet, the Egyptian cat goddess and patron deity of Wakanda, can be seen sitting in front of Jane and Valkyrie. Bastet, played by Akosia Sabet, is slated to make an appearance in November’s Black Panther 2: Wakanda Forever.

Bao, the God of Dumplings, is an enormous, adorable dumpling with an emoji face. It’s unclear if Bao presides over all dumplings or just bao. Either way, Bao is vital to the wellbeing of the universe.

As Thor, Jane, Valkyrie, and Korg are walking through the halls of Omnipotence City, Korg spots an Old Kronan God.

Artemis, Dionysus, and Minerva are listed in the credits, along with Mayan and Aztec Gods, Elche Goddess, Maori Goddess, Dancing God, Two Masked Gods, Fur God, Goddess of the Dead, and Jademurai God. You can see at least some of them sitting in Zeus’s hall.

Finally, as Thor flies away, two Celestials turn around to stare after him.

Gods Butchered by Gorr

Gorr kicks off the movie by melding with All-Black the Necrosword and swearing to kill all gods in the universe. Although he’s already been on a considerable killing spree by the time Thor catches up with him, there are two named gods on his hit list.

Rapu is Gorr’s very first kill. After Gorr’s daughter dies in the desert, Gorr finds an oasis where Rapu lounges, eating fruit. When Gorr tries to convey his grief at losing his daughter, Rapu laughs in his face. I don’t normally condone violence, but I feel like Rapu had it coming.

Falligar the Behemoth is the giant beast whose body Thor and Korg find when they follow Sif’s distress call. In the comics, he’s the patron god of the Galactic Frontier and champion of the Tournament of Immortals.


Eternity is a mystical, all-powerful being at the center of the universe who can grant one wish to those who seek them. Is Eternity a god, or a being that transcends all concepts of godhood? I don’t know, but ironically, Gorr kneels and prays to them at the end of the movie to get his wish.

Any gods we missed? Any unnamed gods whose identities you think you might know? Let us know in the comments!

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