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Hermione Granger Voted Best Film Role Model by UK Kids, Still Can’t Get Through Airport Security

There's An Apparate For That


Recently the UK video firm LoveFilm conducted a survey of 1000 children, asking them to pick who they thought the best film rolemodel was, of a selection of child characters in movies that ranged from Kevin McAllister of Home Alone to Charlie Bucket of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. And you’ll never guess who came out on top, with 19% of the vote.

That’s right, the responsible, practical, straight-A student Hermione beat out a very healthy list of challengers to come in first place as the best film role model, according to kids. Among the other young women in the top ten were the eponymous Matilda (3rd), and Chihiro of Spirited Away. Not that it did Emma Watson any good when she was, like many young women in their early twenties (not that I’m speaking from past personal experience or anything), mistaken for an unaccompanied minor while travelling through an airport on her way back to college.

The actress tweeted:

Ahhh, the ability of a backpack to instantly de-age a twenty something by five years. As someone who still considers it a surprise when I’m not carded by bartenders and bouncers and wears a (classy, okay) backpack everywhere… I know that feel, Emma. I know that feel.

Okay, the feel I don’t know is being mistaken for a fifteen-year-old when you’re one of the stars of a multi-million dollar film franchise adaptation of a multi-million dollar book series. I don’t know that feel.

(Poll story via The Hollywood Reporter, Watson story via Jezebel.)

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