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Emma Frost Gets the High Fashion Makeover She Deserves, From Her Fans


Emma Frost’s outfits over the years have always required a lot of double-sided tape; her X-shaped cleavage window in particular has come under fire for its impracticality, but her creators always insist that she dresses this way because she’s a self-actualized woman who cares about performative fashion. But have boob windows really been all that fashionable since 1995?

Juliet Kahn recently took the sartorial choices of Emma Frost’s creators to task in Comics Alliance, noting that a real fashionista would be up to date on the latest styles. Inspired by Kahn’s critiques, fellow White Queen fan Terry Blas founded the “Emma Frost Fashion Redesign Project,” a Tumblr devoted to fan-made fashions designed especially for Ms. Frost. The submissions range from practical to sensual to elegant, each one an outfit that would do Emma proud. Further submissions are encouraged.

(via The Daily Dot, image via The Emma Frost Fashion Redesign Project)

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