Elmo and Cookie Monster Are Getting a Sesame Street Spin-Off

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…but only kids in the UK will be able to watch it. Waaaaaitaminute. British Cookie Monster still loves to eat cookies, right? He doesn’t call them biscuits?

Elmo and Cookie Monster are heading across the pond for The Furchester, a collaboration between the Sesame Workshop and BBC pre-school channel CBeebies. Via the Los Angeles Times, the show:

“is about an adorable family of goofy monsters who are running an ‘almost’ world-class hotel. That is, it would be world-class if the monster’s incompetent antics didn’t get in the way. Owner Funella Furchester has good intentions but her husband, Furgus Fuzz, feels put upon by the demands of the hotel.”

In this scenario Cookie Monster works with the food—natch—delivering room service and functioning as a dining room waiter. And Elmo’s the cousin of the owners’ daughter Phoebe, so he hangs around answering phones and pushing elevator buttons and such. The show will premiere in the fall of 2014.

So we’re looking at a less scuzzy, more educational version of the Happiness Hotel from The Great Muppet Caper, essentially? Works for me. Now my brain is imagining all sorts of other Muppet/Sesame Street-related shows. Like a version of Agents of SHIELD where Super Grover occasionally swoops in. Sam the Eagle is Nick Fury, of course. And Kermit, with his experience bringing a motley crew together, would be Coulson. Quick, somebody fanart this.

(via: TIME)

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