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Japanese Portable Disaster Shelter is a Home in a Box [Video]

Japan’s largest housing¬†manufacturer¬†Daiwa House has unveiled an easily transported, self-contained shelter and amenities to be deployed during a disaster. According to its website, Daiwa has provided temporary housing in times of disaster for years with their efforts culminating in the Emergency Disaster Vehicle 01 (EDV-01) concept.

The EDV-01 is designed to be moved quickly and provide all the comforts of home within minutes of arrival. Once in place, the top portion of the EDV expands, doubling the space. This second level is a living area with beds and a desk. The first floor is contains the necessities: a water-free toilet, functional kitchen, refrigerator, and a bathroom with shower. Daiwa claims that the unit is completely self-sufficient, using roof-mounted solar panels, ambient water-vapor condensors, and fuel cells to provide a functioning, livable space. The EDV-01 also generates its own fuel,¬†hydrogen, through electrolysis. There’s even a satellite link to keep you connected in the event of a communications collapse.

If produced, the EDV-01 looks like it could provide badly needed utilities in the face of the worst disasters. It even packs enough features to make those of us looking to get off the grid, or find a cheap apartment, drool a bit. But one key question remains: how will the EDV-01 fair in the wake of a Godzilla attack?

(Daiwa via Gizmodo)

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