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Does Cash Die in ‘Heartbreak High’?

Listen up all you Heartbreakers, class is in session for season 2 of Heartbreak High. Some fans of the series might’ve lost sleep over one question: Does Cash die in Heartbreak High?

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Heartbreak High is a 2022 Netflix reboot of the original 1994 Australian show of the same name. The original series was created by both Michael Jenkins and Ben Gannon. The Netflix series was created by Hannah Carroll Chapman and stars Ayesha Madon (Amerie Wadia), Thomas Weatherall (Malakai Mitchell), Bryn Chapman Parish (Spencer “Spider” White), Asher Yasbincek (Harper McLean) and more.

As of now, Douglas “Ca$h” Piggott is alive and well, with no sign that will change in the near future. The asexual delivery driver is currently the school drug dealer, who helps other students get their paraphernalia fix. Currently played by actor William McDonald, Cash first appears in season 1 episode 1, “Map B**tch,” in which the sex map and culprit are first revealed and consequences doled out.

Heartbreak High centers around Hartley High’s plucky teens and their own personal tribulations. After Amerie Wadia graffities a sex map on the school wall, those whose names were revealed now attend a mandatory Sexual Literacy Tutorial course to reform them back into so-called model students.

We’ve talked a little bit before about some differences between the old show and the new one. Jeremy Lindsay Taylor (Kurt Peterson) reprises his role from the 1994, along with actress Isabella Gutierrez (Chaka Cardenes), Lara Cox (Anita Scheppers), and Scott Major (Pete Rivers). Heartbreak High is currently streaming on Netflix.

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