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Of All the Geeky Proposals We’ve Ever Seen, This Is the Oodest

Hello Sweetie


Ahhh, Ood puns. They never get Oold. But they’re quite appropriate this time, as Imgur user (and Whovian) Astrid117 found herself being proposed to by an Ood. Not a real one. It was her boyfriend dressed up as an Ood. Oodviously.

Says Astrid:

“He was handing out candy dressed as an Ood! I got out of class and saw him and I was pretty freaked out honestly! I didn’t want to go up to him but I saw that he had Reese’s in his hand so I decided to get some free candy.”

Is this person me?

“I had no idea it was him. He was completely covered head to toe in new clothes, and he even bought a voice changer so I didn’t recognize his voice.”

Clever Ood.

“When I went up to him, I showed him my laptop because I drew an ood on it (I have a mac). Once ‘this stranger’ realized I like Doctor Who, he asked if I wanted to take a quiz to win River Song’s diary. He had it placed in a box in such a way that it look like there were a lot of them. I had to answer seven questions to win the diary!”

After the diary was won, the Ood removed his mask and popped the question. You can check out pictures of the one-of-a-kind proposal on Imgur.

One, this is adorable. Two, if the wedding ceremony doesn’t go like this:

“Dood you take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband.”
“I dood”

…then a really beaOODtiful opportunity will have been missed.

(via: When Geeks Wed)

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