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Marvel Entertainment’s President of Production: Dr. Strange is Next


Continuing the juggernaut (arg, not intentional) of Marvel comics news today, NBC’s PopcornBiz blog has an extensive interview with Kevin Feige, Marvel’s President of Production, in which they get him to reveal a number of things about the future of Marvel’s great bid to bring comic book-type continuity to the mainstream big screen. For example, after mentioning that Ant-Man is getting close to greenlight,

“The next one is Dr. Strange,” he reveals. “I’d like to tap into two things: tap more into the world of magic – which ‘Thor’ isn’t, really, but Strange entirely is, and I like that a lot; and then also continue to explore this sort of cosmic side of our universe, which Thor is a big part of, but not the only part. So those two things, in addition to the solid foundation of what’s happening on Earth, I think, could be great.”

But wait, its not just the Sorcerer Supreme, there’s more.

Despite the obvious interconnectivity of Thor, Iron Man 2, Captain America: The First Avenger, and The Avengers; and even a moment where Feige admits that if anyone of those films flops it would be cause for “nail-biting,” he maintains that they are each being treated as standalone series.

“This ‘Thor’ film is the first film in what I hope is a franchise of ‘Thor’ films. ‘Captain America’ is being constructed and has been produced in a way that it’s introducing a ‘Captain America’ franchise. And ‘Avengers’, as people will start to see, is not the ‘Marvel Cinematic Universe Part Six.’ It’s ‘The Avengers Part One’ – it’s starting a new franchise, a team-based franchise. It just so happens that they interrelate.”

And, if you were hoping for the inter-studio mess caused by the Disney buyout to eventually resolve itself in movie!Avengers meeting movie!X-Men or movie!Spider-Man, you’re out of luck for the foreseeable future. There will be no mutants in Marvel’s great canon experiment. But it’s okay, because they were never a part of the Avengers, anyway.

“We have great relations, particularly with Sony, and I couldn’t be more excited for the new Spidey movie. And the good news is that Spider-Man, The X-Men and Wolverine were never really a part of the Avengers. The core characters – and the characters that we wholly control – are The Avengers, and there is so much to play with there that I don’t think we’ll find ourselves in a position of going, ‘We have to get Spider-Man in here! We have to get The X-Men in here!’ Would we like to have them all back? Yes, of course. But as long as they’re being well-served where they are now, the studios can continue to make movies for a long, long time.”

Honestly? I won’t pitch a fit about whether Cap and Wolverine ever run into each other at Normandy on D-Day just so long as The Wolverine gets off the ground.

(via io9.)

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