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I Swear to All That Is Holy, Do Not Kill off Rocket Raccoon

Rocket Raccoon in his quantum realm time travel suit in Marvel's Avengers: Endgame.

James Gunn recently answered a fan question about Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. That question? Whether or not someone was going to die in the film. And now I suddenly have a crushing fear that I’m going to have to watch one of my favorite Marvel characters die yet again. Can the Marvel Cinematic Universe let me live?

While Gunn provided no further comment other than just stating that “someone” would die, I’d like to point out that James Gunn has a sick satisfaction when it comes to killing off characters in poignant moments that tear at our hearts. First, it was Groot in Vol. 1 who sacrificed himself so that the Guardians could fight Ronan. Then, it was Yondu dying to protect Peter Quill where they then had a beautiful send off that Yondu always wanted while Cat Stevens’ “Father and Son” played in the distance. (Do not watch the scene from Vol. 2 on a whim. I just did and now I’m crying. Good job me.)

The point is, James Gunn loves to make us cry about strange space heroes and he’s great at doing it. If it is not in the actual context of the film, it’s telling us that Groot is not the same being as Baby Groot or that when Teenage Groot was Snapped away, he called out for Rocket and called him his father. All information that James Gunn just gave us to make an already emotional moment hurt that much more.

So why then am I worried about Rocket Raccoon’s fate in Guardians Vol. 3? Well, a couple of reasons. Gunn kills these characters because he knows the stakes, knows they are loved, and knows that they would, as characters, sacrifice themselves for their found family. With Rocket, he’s been growing and changing into a being who cares the most about the Guardians, wisecracks aside. At this point, if it came down to it in some fashion in Vol. 3, he’d willingly throw himself on the line for those he cares about. Oh, he also has a smaller life span and since this movie is rumored to focus heavily on Rocket’s backstory, I have a sneaking feeling that he’ll either face death or get very close to it.

As someone who loved Tony Stark, has a Peter Parker tattoo, and loves Bucky Barnes as well, I just want to go into one of these movies knowing that I will make it out the other side without sobbing. It isn’t looking likely any time soon and it, sadly, it does make sense narratively for Rocket Raccoon to die. It would hit fans hard, and as we’ve established, James Gunn is all about that. But here is my official plea: Please do not kill him.

I am but a humble adult with a Rocket Raccoon doll on my adult bed, with a pin that is Bucky Barnes using Rocket Raccoon as a weapon, begging you on my metaphorical hands and knees to let him live. He deserves a movie of happiness now that he’s had to watch his best friend die twice and live with Nebula for five years before helping to save the entire universe. Do this one thing for me PLEASE.

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