This Woman DIYed Her Own Art Deco Sailor Moon Themed Wedding And It Turned Out Amazing

A miracle romance!
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In all seriously, Michelle Nguyen (AKA IamaChubbyBunny, a pretty awesome cosplayer whom we’ve featured on the site before) must actually be a magical girl princess, because even though she’s a professional event planner and competent seamstress, I still have no idea how she managed to pull this all off. But it certainly worked out for her and her new husband Will, who celebrated their nuptials earlier this month in the classiest, geekiest way possible. And if you’re wondering if the senshi bridesmaids got some neat accessories, too? They did. It’s wonderful.

To the people who don’t find this sort of otaku wedding particularly tasteful, Michelle has some choice words for you. “I think a lot of readers have been amazed that my groom “allowed” me to do this,” she wrote for the site Defective Geeks, “but the fact is that we were both equally excited about the theme, the nerdy music, and decorations, because it spoke to our common interests. So don’t be afraid to flaunt your nerdy side in public, and especially not at your wedding! It’s your day! DO WHATEVER YOU WANT! WOO!”

And no, people who know the depths of my own Sailor Moon obsession, I am not looking at these pictures and taking notes. Did you miss the part where I said that Nguyen completely DIYed this wedding? Like I’m gonna embroider my own dress and give each of my bridesmaids handmade transformation wands. Pssh (Y’all are getting store-bought).

If you want to know just how Nguyen did it, you can check out her write-up on Defective Geeks. Otherwise, here’s some pretty nifty images from the event to tide you over.

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(images via Shannon Cotrell)

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