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The Most Disruptive Companies In Tech [Infographic]

It may seem a little weird to call innovators “disruptive,” but it’s a term for a reason. As much as innovation is awesome for those who benefit from it, it puts some serious pressure and stress on the guys who were doing things quite well the old way. Innovation, when it takes off, very literally disrupts the entire market. Remember a few years ago when practically no one used tablets? Netbook-centric companies probably aren’t too thrilled.

Focus has put together an infographic that rounds up some of the most innovative and disruptive tech companies of our day, picks out some products, and breaks down their numbers to give you a real feel for the sort of effects they’ve had. It also provides some hints of the kind of havoc they’re likely to wreak on markets in the future. Some of the disruptive products are the kind you’d think of off the top of your head, like Netflix or the iPad, but there are a few more that I’d never really considered. And who knows what’s just around the bend.

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(Focus via ReadWriteWeb)

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