Did Disney Just Leak the Existence of a Doctor Strange Film?

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Marvel has a number of mystery projects in the works that we only know the release dates for, but other than the Inhumans and Runaways, Doctor Strange is the name that keeps popping up in bits and bobs of rumory rumors like these and this.

But now, on top of all that, we’ve got the ever popular leaked evidence source of domain name purchases to go on. The Disney Music Group recently purchased a number of domain names for the soundtracks to future films in the Marvel franchise, and the list contains references to a certain Sorcerer Supreme.

From Stitch Kingdom:

For the record, these are the domain registrations recently made: avengers-soundtrack.com, avengersmusic.net, doctorstrangesoundtrack.com, drstrangesoundtrack.com, drstrangesoundtrack.net, ironman3soundtrack.com, ironman3soundtrack.net, marvel-music.com, marvel-music.net, marvelmusic.net, thor2soundtrack.com, thor2soundtrack.net.

So if anyone still wants doctorstrangesoundtrack.net, I guess that’s still open?

Though at best Marvel’s Doctor Strange flick has reached a completed script and some director ideas being tossed around, Patrick Dempsey, who we will admit has plenty of experience playing at least one kind of doctor, has expressed interest in the role. Hey, even if it’s bad, we can just pretend that it’s a Doctor Orpheus movie, which will be just as fun.

(via Blastr.)

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