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Start The Music, Light The Lights: Disney’s New Muppets Show Debuts Today!

My inner Statler and Waldorf are pleased.

Thank God it’s Flailday Friday, and not just because the weekend is nigh! Today marks the debut of the new Disney Drive-On With the Muppets original series, which will release two new episodes every Friday from now until “a limited time.” You can check out the show’s musical trailer above, as well as a clip from the first episode below.

According to a press release, DDOWM is the story of what happens when Kermit leaves the “Muppet office:”

Pepe the King Prawn takes on the responsibility of “mentoring” Walter on the business of Hollywood. Still considered the “new guy” with the Muppets, Walter is given low-level jobs working alongside his fellow Muppets at their office in the famed Walt Disney Studios in Burbank. He quickly learns there is a lot more to making movies than he thought!

(In context, “a lot more” probably means shooting things out of cannons and perfecting one’s fish throwing skills.) The series promises to feature special celebrity cameos and will be available to view over on Disney Movies Anywhere.

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