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New Photos From the Deadpool Film Set! Let’s Speculate Wildly.


Three new photos from the film set of the Ryan Reynolds-finally-does-Deadpool film have emerged from Fox HQ. The photo above, featuring Reynolds in red-and-black spandex and Brianna Hildebrand in her Negasonic Teenage Warhead duds, bears strong similarity to an on-set photo released two weeks ago. This second photo of Deadpool and Vanessa (played by Morena Baccarin) offers some new hints about the plot:


The character Vanessa, better known as Copycat, is both a bad-ass and one of Deadpool’s canonical love interests. Her cuddly presence with our leading man above lends credence to the rumors that this film’s script may bear some resemblance to the Deadpool script draft that leaked last year. That might not necessarily be a good thing for Copycat fans, though. That leaked script did feature Vanessa as a character, but gave her no opportunity to use her powers. Also, I’m not convinced that this film is going to treat Vanessa’s history of sex work with respect; given that Stan Lee’s cameo in this film will be as a “strip club MC,” I’m feeling a bit wary.

Part of my wariness stems from my experience playing the cringe-worthy Deadpool videogame, in which Deadpool is portrayed as a slimy creep who objectifies women, rather than as the canonically omnisexual goofball that I’ve loved since before it was cool (not that it matters … I see Deadpool’s growing popularity as a good thing, so long as he isn’t presented in a gross way).

The currently available synopsis of the film sounds a bit “Hollywooden” to me, too. The plot bears eerie similarity to the terrible Wolverine: Origins film that Reynolds appeared in as a Deadpool rip-off, except now Wade will take the role of healing-factor-guy-gets-his-revenge-on-his-experimenters rather than Logan. I saw that Origins film at midnight on the night it released, and that was the last time I’ve ever done that. Woof.

I know Reynolds loves Deadpool, and I get the impression he’s an actual fan, given how strongly he’s advocated for this film over the years. He’s a successful A-lister at this point; he doesn’t “need” this film, so I buy that it’s a genuine passion project for him. I want to feel hopeful, but past depictions of Deadpool have left me feeling burned out.

I admit, I’ll still see this movie. Just … not at midnight on opening day. Anyway, here’s the last photo of the three:


(via ComicBookResources, images via Empire)

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