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The World’s Loudest Bluetooth Speaker Is a Dalek, Because They Weren’t Grating Enough



If there’s one thing we didn’t need amplified to qualify as “the world’s loudest,” it’s the voice of Daleks, because they’re pretty annoying to listen to at any volume. That didn’t stop Massive Audio, a car audio company, from constructing the world’s loudest bluetooth speaker into a life-size Dalek replica.

They demonstrated it on the show floor at CES, and the thing was so loud that it almost got kicked out, according to CNET and Massive Audio’s sales manager. The design is pretty great, though, as it swaps out the half-spheres on the Dalek’s lower half for a ton of speakers, and the thing will threaten to exterminate and make Dalek laser sounds, just like you’d expect.

The speaker will receive a few enhancements to allow the arms and the head to move before it’s eventually auctioned off for charity, so start saving up if you have dreams of annoying everyone you know with super loud Dalek threats. (You might also consider some industrial-size noise blocking earmuffs.)

Furthering their nerd-cred, they use it to play the Dalek relaxation tape near the end of the video, which we’re guessing was totally worth the speaker’s insane $25,000 price tag, because it’s pretty much the greatest thing ever. For more info on where the Dalek will be appearing and eventual auction dates, you can check Massive Audio’s Facebook page.

(via CNET, image via Massive Audio on Vine)

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