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On Daisy Ridey’s Birthday, Here Are a Few Roles We’d Love to See Her Tackle Next

Cast her in all the things!


Daisy Ridley as Rey in Star Wars The Last Jedi

We love Dasiy Ridley, Star Wars‘ courageous new heroine. With Episode IX and Rey’s possible final outing on the horizon, though, it’s time to explore what Ridley’s next career move might be. Her performances in Star Wars regularly earn critical approval, and audiences from kids to adults connect with her character. As John Boyega remains the king of sci-fi and Oscar Isaac continues charming us all, let’s look at where Ridley might go once she hangs up her lightsaber.

I loved Ridley’s work in Murder on the Orient Express, where she got to play a darker character than Rey probably ever will be (unless Rey goes full Sith in Episode IX). Seeing her play an anti-heroine or even a villain would be a great way for her to shake up audience expectations post-Episode IX. While I’m hesitant to have her jump into yet another major franchise, if she played a villain in a Marvel or DC movie, that would be pretty fantastic. I’d love to see her as Circe in Wonder Woman 3, assuming that’s who the villain is, but that’s pure wish fulfillment.

I’d also love to see her stretch herself as a comedic actress. Rey gets moments of sweetness and levity, but she’s also careening towards drama as the war between the Resistance and First Order builds. Putting Ridley in a purely comedic role would give her a chance to show a new dimension to her work. Be it a big studio rom-com or a smaller title, a comedy would be a welcome and happy change of pace. I want to see Ridley rise to meet her comedic challenges.

And speaking of rom-coms, please let her star in an Austen-esque film, as well. My personal favorite Austen novel, Northanger Abbey, hasn’t been tackled since the 2007 television adaptation featuring Star Wars alumna Felicity Jones. Ridley as the romance novel-obsessed Catherine Morland, set opposite some charming newcomer as the best Austen hero, Mr. Tilney, would be a dream come true.

Besides, between Murder on the Orient Express and Ophelia, Ridley can rock a period piece set anywhere. Give her number to the BBC for their next Austen adaptation or Shakespearian redo.

However, she’s a compelling action heroine. I would love to see her do a non-franchise action film. Maybe she can play a spy—she’d be great as either the spy herself or a femme fatale. I’m sure there are plenty of other non-Marvel/DC action properties that could benefit from her in the starring role. While I want to see her stretch herself in roles that aren’t similar to Rey, it would also be a shame if she never played another action role again.

Overall, I can’t wait to see her career really take off. Star Wars is fantastic and should be a springboard for her, as she’s showcased talent over the past two films and in her other performances.

If you could cast her in one role, what would it be? Let us know in the comments.

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