Cosplay Crafting: How to Make Maps Mizoguchi’s Signature Hair Clip in 5 Minutes

No maps needed.
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I just want to shout from rooftops about how wonderful and nifty craft foam is. Who would have thought the $1-priced sheets usually found in the children’s craft sections would be so useful for cosplays? I sure didn’t.

It’s been my new medium of choice since craft foam is perfect for creating accessories with a 2D effect. You know—like Gotham Academy’s Maps Mizoguchi’s flower hair clip! Recreating her signature hair accessory was a super simple, inexpensive project that you can follow along and knock out in a few steps yourself!

Take my hand and I’ll show you the way!

What you’ll need:MAPS10

  •  Aligator hair clip, FREE if you take it from your not so favorite hair clip
  • Yellow Craft foam, $1, Michaels
  • Paper, Pencil and Scissors
  • Glue gun + Glue Stick $6, Michaels

Step 1: Create your flower pattern

You’re going to start by drawing Maps’ flower to create a paper pattern. You can either trace it from an enlarged image of Maps or by free-handing it. (I traced mine)

After deciding on a shape and size, you’re going to carefully cut along the lines to reveal your masterpiece.



Step 2: Create your flower ~

Place your pattern on your craft foam and carefully trace around it. Much like step one, your next step is to cut it out!

Now, make sure you have a good pair of scissors, because cutting craft foam can be a little tricky and a perfectionist’s worst nightmare.



Step 3: Attach your clip!

Finally, you’re going to glue the alligator clip on the side that you decided will be the back. I decided to use hot glue because that is what I had lying around, but craft adhesive would work too! If you do use hot glue, I suggest adding the glue on the clip rather than the craft foam for a better application. A light coat and minimal pressure when drying will help with a smooth appearance.



Ta-da!! Now you have a new nifty hair clip that perfect for a Maps’ cosplay or Halloween costume or even to wear every time you pick up your copy of Gotham Academy.

As always, all that’s left to do is take lots of selfies with your new project!



Jessica is a pink-cladded brat-girl, blogger, and craftswoman headquartered in NYC. You can find her collection of adventures in beauty, cosplay and more of her tutorials over at her blog, The Crazy Bat Lady.

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