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Study: The Best Way to Hire Top Technical Talent Is to Let Workers Telecommute


Even as the broader economy lurches slowly towards recovery and jobs are hard to come by for many, technically skilled workers remain in demand. According to a recent survey conducted by tech career website, most potential employers continue to miss out on what could be one of the most effective means of recruiting talented technologists: Allowing telecommuting for full-time positions.

According to Dice’s study, less than one percent of the jobs posted on the site offer telecommuting, “Yet, more than one-third of technology professionals said they’d cut their salary by up to 10 percent in exchange for telecommuting full-time. What’s remarkable is that even after two years of flattish compensation, technology professionals are willing to sacrifice $7,800 on average to work from home.”

There’s a good discussion underway on Hacker News about the pros and cons of telecommuting, from the obvious (greater productivity working from home; also greater loneliness and an inability to escape the office) to the less so (in-office workers may consciously or unconsciously sabotage the idea of full-time telecommuters because overall, more telecommuters could serve to depress office workers’ wages.)

(Dice via Fortune via HN)

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