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Community Will Send Greendale to The Hunger Games. Sorry, “The Hunger Deans.” [VIDEO]

Real Or Not Real?


Season four of Community, assuming it ever airs (I take nothing for granted with this show), will apparently have a The Hunger Games episode. At least that’s what this promo makes it look like, though I won’t be surprised if the episode proceeds to go off in a completely different direction. (I kind of hope it does, to be honest.)

But you know what? I am making the conscious decision not to be overly pessimistic. Dan Harmon may be gone, but other cast and crew I love are still there, and this promo video is funny. With a new showrunner, season four won’t be the same as 1-3, but it could still be good.

I reserve the right to cry into my pillow if the premiere is disappointing, though.

(via: TV Hangover)

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