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Combination Lock Flash Drive is Wondrous

Sure, your 256-bit military-grade encryption may keep snoopers out of your data for centuries, but why stop there? Why not make the lives of any would-be hackers miserable before they can even get their mitts on your data, and also look swanky in the process? That’s what one Russian AutoCAD enthusiast must have been thinking when he created this wonderful little USB drive sleeved in a cryptex-style combination lock.

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Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like this little beauty will be making it onto Etsy or other fine steampunk purveyors. But if you have a machine shop at your disposal, maybe you can imitate this lovely design. And if you do, I will personally pay you a reasonable sum of money for it.

More pictures follow after the break.

(Steampunker via Engadget)

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