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A Fan Favorite’s Fate Brings More Questions on Book of Boba Fett

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So far, The Book of Boba Fett has given us a look into Boba’s backstory from where we left him in Return of the Jedi up through his time working with Din Djarin in the second season of The Mandalorian, including his rescuing of Fennec Shand. With the series, though, we’ve also gotten a bit of setup for the third season of The Mandalorian and, now, the return of a fan favorite along with the introduction of a certain bounty hunter that Star Wars fans might be excited to see.

So let’s talk about who we got to see in episode 6 and what it means for the future of The Book of Boba Fett and Star Wars.

**Spoilers for episode 6 of The Book of Boba Fett lie within.**

On this week’s episode, titled “From the Desert Comes a Stranger,” we got to see the return of my boy Cobb Vanth. The character was brought to life in season two of The Mandalorian by Timothy Olyphant, and while the show was focused on Boba and filling in his story, it did seem odd to me that Vanth hadn’t made an appearance given where Boba’s armor was in The Mandalorian.

Luckily for me, I just had to bide my time, and lo and behold: I got my Cobb Vanth. (I have a standee of Vanth in my apartment. I have been waiting.)

Cobb Van introducing himself

What his inclusion did was bring together my favorite ship: Din/Cobb. The two who spent their time together on The Mandalorian trying to work with one another have left me wanting nothing more than the two of them raising Grogu with each other, and this episode did give me a bit of Din thinking of Cobb the minute that Fennec pointed out that they would need more people on their team against the Pyke Syndicate.

Din showed up to meet with Cobb, and the two had an honest conversation about it, and it felt very much like the relationship we’d come to know between them in The Mandalorian. And so when Din left, I assumed we’d see the two side by side again.

cobb vanth looking hot

But now … I’m worried.

Cobb Vanth’s fate

At the end of the episode, Cobb Vanth is talking with his deputy outside and sees someone walking towards Freetown after Din has left. He tells everyone to get inside, including his deputy, and is talking with the space cowboy known as Cad Bane. Fans may know him from the other Star Wars properties, but the famed bounty hunter makes an appearance to warn Vanth about working with Boba Fett.

But when Vanth’s deputy refuses to stop talking about the Marshal, Bane shoots the deputy dead and shoots Vanth, as well.

The question now is … is Cobb Vanth alive? Cad Bane—played in The Book of Boba Fett by Corey Burton, who voiced him in other Star Wars projects—poses a threat to the future of Boba’s rule of Mos Espa, as well as now a threat to Freetown and anyone who opposes the Pyke Syndicate.

The fact that he only shot Vanth once (and it seems like a wound more than a fatal blow) means that he did so as a warning, and hopefully Vanth will be fine and go to Boba/Din about what happened. Cobb Vanth doesn’t seem like the type to take it a threat idly. Still, we don’t know for sure if Vanth is alive or not. The fact that everyone ran to his aid (and not the deputy’s) is a sign that he’s just wounded, but we’ll have to wait and see what it means for Boba, Din, and the rest of the team in the future of The Book of Boba Fett.

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