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LOL: Christian Broadcasting Network Is Afraid of Disney Witch Cartoon The Owl House

It seems that, despite the fact that Harry PotterHocus PocusThe Magicians, and Witches of Waverly Place have come and gone with not a single devil being resurrected, certain Christian organizations are still getting their Jesus fish in a twist when it comes to having series about magic.

Apparently, The Christian Broadcasting Network has now warned people about a new Disney cartoon called The Owl House. According to Pathos Pagan, the warning came with the dramatic headline: “Warning to Parents: New Disney Cartoon Teaches Kids How to Be Witches, Using a Demon to Do So.” In the article, the CBN claims that this show isn’t just a fun series about a young Latina protagonist doing magic. Oh no, no-no. This show is part of the witch agenda to make witchcraft look positive:

The show tries to portray witchcraft as a positive tool to fight evil. That’s similar to what real-life witches have been promoting over the past few years as they’ve been putting hexes on President Trump and others in order to fight for their beliefs. Folks, if you think this latest ‘Owl House’ show is just ‘fantasy and fun,’ think again. Over the years, Disney has gone farther and farther into the darkness of the spiritual world that opposes the living God, coming up with programming and characters that lead the vulnerable into that dark world of deception… This spiritual realm that opposes God is real. Demons are real. And they are out to deceive your children and draw them in to be pawns of the enemy of their souls, the Devil, otherwise known as Satan. His devices and plans are to destroy your kids and grandkids spiritually, physically and emotionally. You must protect them from being enticed into this demonic world.

Now, I was already going to watch The Owl House because I saw trailers for it while I was watching some Gravity Falls, but if I wasn’t before, I am certainly going to now. What is The Owl House about? Without a hyperbolic idea that’s trying to make children become the pawns of Satan: “A teenager finds herself stuck in the Demon Realm and battles the forces of evil alongside a rebellious witch and a pint-sized warrior.” But then again, a rebellious Latina witch is probably the scariest thing to a bunch of Trump supporters.

Honestly, this show sounds like a ton of fun, and considering Disney has given us such good horror, magical, and fantasy cartoons recently, I’m looking forward to seeing The Owl House. Plus, a Latina lead in a cartoon about magic? How is Disney more progressive in its shows than its movies? Not only that, but if this show does actually teach kids to be witches … well, that’d be pretty fun, too. The first step will be this, and the second will be The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

Has a cartoon ever made you a slave to Satan? Free exorcisms in the comments below!

(via Patheos, image: Disney Channel)

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